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Archipelago Capital Partners believe implementing Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) investment principles is socially responsible and can also improve the returns in our investment portfolio.


We commit to embed the following ESG principles in our investment process:


  1. Communicate our ESG Policy to our staff, Limited Partners, target and portfolio companies, and interested parties.

  2. Continually build the capacity of our staff to identify and successfully manage environmental and social risks and opportunities, including our Senior Management, Investment Team, Support Team and Operating Partners.

  3. Consider ESG risks and opportunities associated with target companies when evaluating whether to invest in a particular company or entity, as well as during the period of investment.

  4. Seek to grow and improve the companies in which we invest for long term sustainability; work with portfolio companies through representation on their boards or other governance structures, with the goal of improving performance and minimizing adverse impacts in ESG areas.

  5. Exclude from financing any company or entity whose business activities do not meet our principles and commitments.

  6. Ensure all target and portfolio companies are evaluated against, and are committed to compliance with the Fund’s policy, applicable national and international regulations on environment, labour, health, safety and social issues, and internationally – accepted performance standards.

  7. Respect the human rights of those affected by our investment activities and seek to confirm that our investments do not flow to companies that utilize child or forced labour or maintain discriminatory policies.

  8. Maintain strict policies that prohibit bribery and other improper payments in order to gain commercial advantage.

  9. Ensure the management and the shareholders of each portfolio company understand our ESG Policy commitments and align their activities to those commitments as appropriate.

  10. Seek to provide appropriate levels of oversight in the areas of audit, risk management and potential conflicts of interest and to implement policies that align the interests of shareholders and management.

  11. Engage with relevant stakeholders, including members of adversely affected communities or civil society, either directly or through representatives of portfolio companies, as appropriate.

  12. Obtain ESG disclosures and performance metrics from our portfolio companies and encourage our portfolio companies and service providers to advance ESG principles consistent with our ESG Policy when they do business.

  13. Provide timely information to our Limited Partners and stakeholders on ESG matters.

  14. Review and report on the implementation of our Environmental and Social Management System on an annual basis.

For more information regarding our ESG commitment and procedures, please contact

Grievance Mechanism

Archipelago’s grievance mechanism is aimed toward all stakeholders who have feedback or concerns regarding our projects, portfolio companies, or partnerships. It is your channel to present issues to the senior management of the Fund. All grievances will be reviewed and processed according to our established procedures. If you have a grievance you would like to share with us, please fill in this form and return it to 

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