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We are a Singapore-based fund manager investing in South East Asia. Our firm is founded on the conviction that the region offers exciting opportunities in private equity and that we are uniquely positioned to capture them. Our investment philosophy is centered around active ownership, with value driven through creativity in strategy and excellence in execution.


Our investment focus is on growth opportunities within South East Asia. We actively seek out high potential small to mid-market businesses within South East Asia, especially in the consumer, healthcare, financial services, and niche industrial sectors. We have a strong bias for South East Asia domestic companies but we are also willing to explore investments in and partnerships with companies in other Asian markets with a strong South East Asia content or appeal.


We adopt a comprehensive approach that activates all the most critical value creation levers available to the companies we invest in. We work closely with the management of our portfolio companies throughout the design and execution of the value creation journey. This approach also underpins how we originate investment opportunities and harvest returns.

Strategic clarity

We leverage our strengths in research, strategy development and operating experience to identify opportunities, prioritize strategic options and shape “how to win” strategies.  We steer strategy with the dual focus on attaining business growth and performance objectives as well as sustaining market leadership through the long term.

Business improvement

We bring expertise in executing business improvement initiatives to help improve investee companies’ performance across a broad area, from revenue growth to operational efficiency to optimizing financing structure.  Having been practitioners ourselves, our approach is tempered by pragmatism, local insights and a “roll up our sleeves” mindset to problem solving.

Performance focus

Shaped by our professional training and operating experience, we believe that the key to real long-term outperformance lies in the balance between accelerated near-term performance improvement and creating the foundations for long-term sustainable performance. Our approach is to drive a comprehensive alignment from the board to the field, grounded on a culture of performance focus. We are able to implement the management practices, systems, tools, and standards, in creating market leaders in performance.

Building talent

We support and strengthen management of the investee companies we work with, through a high level of mentoring and capability building.  Where needed, we will seek to add complementary resources to the management team or advisors, drawing on our own network and track record to excite talented professionals to join our ventures.  We fully recognize the need to align interests, expectations and skills in our investee companies and have full empathy for the challenges faced by the management teams in these companies.

Accessing markets and partners

Our investee companies tend to be champions in their domestic markets. We strive to help them move up an accelerated growth path through inorganic expansion, joint ventures and access to international markets, by lending our experience and network across Asia. This is invaluable to our investee companies in seeking new markets, strengthening supply chains, gaining access to new technology, and scaling up their core business. 



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Managing Director, Indonesia

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